June 10, 2022 09:00AM ET

Worksome Webinar Series

Get With the Program: Revitalize your contingent workforce

VOL 1: The Post-pandemic Talent Shortage:
Optimizing Contingent Talent to Stay Competitive

Wednesday, 24th August @ 4 PM BST / 11 AM EST | 30 mins 

You've heard it a million times, organizations are struggling to hire quality talent. But when was the last time you evaluated your total talent strategy?

Optimizing your direct sourcing and on-demand talent channels gives you that agility and competitive edge needed to get quality talent in the door, fast.

During this session, our experts from Worksome and Open Assembly will be joined by special guest Vinod Kartha (Vice President) at UST to give you the tips you need to get started.

We’ll cover 👇

  • Why organizations need to understand the talent shortage, the way people want to work today, and how to attract the best contingent talent by creating a positive CW program brand.
  • How tech is changing the way complex, multinational organizations hire and work with contingent talent.
  • Why it’s crucial to rethink your legacy systems as well as the tools to assess the ROI of your staffing partners.

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Your Hosts


Dyan Finkhousen

Chief Strategy Officer at Open Assembly

Dyan is a leading strategist, entrepreneur, and global authority on transforming enterprise with platform-enabled ecosystems. 

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Sam Orrin

Global Director, Business Development at Worksome

Sam leads business development at Worksome and specializes in helping our clients explore new ways of managing external workers with technology.


Vinod Kartha

Vice President, Strategic Initiatives at UST

Vinod is responsible for driving key transformation initiatives with a  primary focus on Talent Supply Chain Management and Digital Transformation.